Creating experiences for children, family and community in the natural environment
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Ethos for Living Classrooms

Living Classrooms has been established to support children and families from all backgrounds, to live and learn using nature and the environment. Living Classrooms will work with early year settings, primary school, secondary schools, out-of-school groups, families, community groups and like-minded organsations to promote the use of nature and our surrounding environments, urban or rural, as a learning tool.


- To promote excellence in play and learning through innovative, naturalistic experiences

- To facilitate family and community involvement in play and learning outdoors

- To operate through the highest levels of environmentally sustainable practice

- To consult all those involved in the trust, especially children in their interests, goals and motivation


-To enable volunteers and workforces to become motivated, skilled and confident in working outside with children on a regular basis,  promoting children's play, learning and well-being.

-To deliver training to support play and learning through reflective, motivational, individualised and workplace related delivery.

- To facilitate consultation processes throughout all projects to include all stakeholders

- To raise the profile of the purpose and style of naturalised play spaces for children and young people so that adults can identify and then understand the play and learning that they see

- To promote the use of naturalistic, open-ended resources with high play affordances

- To support communities, advising on infrastructure and landscaping in developing play and learning spaces inside and out